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PMA :: glorious dump by mahoumii
PMA :: glorious dump

i have 99 problems and eris is all of them

Reus :: Jejunity || Gil :: feelingwhimsy || Keyah :: Colatechi || Mercer (butthead) :: Relevancies
PMA :: Elise by mahoumii
PMA :: Elise
Guess who's back :icondeyedplz:


 Name: Estelise (Elise)

Pokemon: Phantump

Birthday: March 27th

Age: 23

Level: 13

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Unsure

Ability: Frisk

Faction: N/A

Pokemon Stats

:bulletpurple: Confuse Ray
:bulletgreen: Ingrain
:bulletpurple: Astonish
:bulletwhite: Growth

Battle Stats:

Attack: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Defense: :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Speed: :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Sp. Attack: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Sp. Defense: :star: :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:

PokeHuman Stats

Occupation: Police Officer (Laverre PD)

Town of Residence: Laverre

Appearance: Elise is of small stature with faint musculature from her training as a police officer. Keeps her hair in low down twintails for the most part. She has pale skin and freckles with teal coloured eyes. Usually seen in clothing that's both light and colourful.

Height: 5'3"



||Bright||Brave||Easily Startled||Stubborn||Naive||Careful||

Outwardly Elise comes across as a very bright and smiling induvidual, there isn't much that she wouldn't take on either. Sometimes she can be a little too brave, taking on more than she can handle.
From hiding so long when she was a pokemon Elise has also become careful in how she acts around others, namely trainers and those who don't seem to be pokehuman. Also because of this it's very easy to startle her, even when she's taking the form of a human. (Scared of being captured)
Elise has strong belief in her ideals, it's not uncommon for her to be stubborn around those who don't agree with her.
Her lack of interaction with people has left her slightly naive, though she knows enough to not be completely fooled.


Elise's first memories are that of waking up in Route 20, at the time it was oddly calming for her not to have anything to remember. Over time brief flashes of memories would appear whenever she slept, teaching her that she had been a human and that her name had been Elise.

It wasn't too long after that that she had her first run in with a human since becoming a pokemon. Because of her shiny colouring the trainer wasted no time in trying to battle and catch her, luckily enough for Elise she managed to escape before the latter happened. Having been so close to being captured had managed to frighten her so to protect herself from any other attacks she stayed hidden within route 20, keeping away from passing trainers and their pokemon.

Time passed without anything bad happening again, there were close calls but she managed.

Through passing trainers and the odd wild pokemon, Elise managed to make her way to pokemon village. It was there she discovered the techonology known as the dittech and the pokehumans that used them. She spent a lot of time there, learning and listening and was eventually given her own.

It was hard at first, getting used to being a human again after such a long time of not being one, but it was nice to finally feel safe.

Relationships: N/A

-The pendant she has was from when she was human, it's very old and she's had to replace the chain neumerous times.
-She has scars but uses the dittech to hide them for her.
-Content to not know a lot about who she was before she died, from the flashes of memories she has a feeling she won't like it.

CGC :: Celes by mahoumii
CGC :: Celes

Celes Bryant
☾ Female
☾ Appears to be in her late teens-early twenties.
☾ 5'1"
☾ Born Dec 12th


:bulletpink: Moonlight
:bulletblue: Aurora Beam
:bulletpurple: Lunar Dance
:bulletwhite: Safeguard

Celes is generally a quiet girl, prefering to use motions over words. She's very concious of the people around her and generally tries to do her best to make sure that they aren't in any distress. Despite how quiet she is, Celes can be very stubborn when it comes to certain things, unwilling to let anything stop her from doing what she needs to do.
Its hard to keep her attention sometimes, though she doesn't mean to be ignorant. Seeing her upset is rare, she tends to keep the worst parts of her away from others, not wanting them to carry her problems.

-Selectively mute. (will talk if needed)
-Floats whenever she's alone.
-No real ability to rid people of bad dreams as of yet, still enjoys her own.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Mercer strolled down the streets of Lumiose like he owned them. Sure, in his mind he pretty much believed that, but he in now way had any real power in the city, and that irked him a good deal. The Kecleon exited an alleyway, hands tucked into his pockets as he made his way across the street. The city seemed deserted, very few people lingered in the dark streets at this hour, and the ones who did were probably up to no good. Much like him.
The Frou member approached a little shop that he had learned of a few days before. A little flower shop with a lovely little lady inside. Mercer let out a small chuckle, one that would make passerbys look at him and simply think, "what a douche."  Seeing his prize was inside, working late, and alone, Mercer grinned, figuring he'd keep his little green-haired beauty, company.

 It'd been a long day of clearing out the shop, swapping out the displays and flowers. With summer pretty much over, everything needed to be replaced with the fall selection. Eris stretched her arms above her head as she walked down the stairs from the apartment and to the shop. She'd settled both her little brother and Mel down for naps and was finally aware of that faint burn in her muscles from carrying things all day.
A small smile came to her lips in response to the one Fern gave her. She had just been about to lean against the countertop when she caught sight of a familiar and very much unwanted face. Great.

Not the greatest turn of events, but it wasn't the worst. As Mercer had been running through his mind how to go about surprising the young lady, the annoying pink haired bratt came from... somewhere... Mercer stepped back to look above the shop, guessing that he had over looked some of the rooms above eye level. He returned to the window in a quick instant and locked eyes with the minor... Eris? Yeah something like that. "Piss." The kecleon hissed under his breath. She was certainly persistent, and had promised to kick his teeth in if he ever came near her family, again.
He figured he could at least piss her off while he was in the area. With a wiggle of his eye brows, and quick "kissey face", he was determined to get the brat out side, subdue her, and then go visit his "number one."

 A quick text to the taller woman was sent and it was moments before Eris grabbed her jacket from the back of the chair behind her. Much to her dismay she'd turned around just in time to see the 'kissy face', her response was a twitch followed by a quick flip of the bird. She'd wipe that stupid look off of his face in due time. Eris leaned up enough to kiss Fern's cheek before making her way outside, fists clenching inside her pockets for the briefest of moments.
The spritzee didn't make idle threats. Once she was close enough she grabbed a fist-full of his shirt, attempting to tug him down to her level, "I can't tell if you're brave or stupid."

Mercer laughed, "The word you're lookin' for babe, is /persistent/." Though the kecleon probably knew what that word meant, he probably didn't even know how to spell it... or that it started with a 'p'. He was yanked down by the shirt, and immediately pulled away. "Cool it babe, this is my favorite tank. Unless you're just trying to see me without it." The delinquent winked at Eris, obviously enjoying his time, viewing the girl as no real threat. He folded his arms across his chest and sighed, "Look, why don't you just run up and brush your teeth, I gotta talk with flower lady."

Eris rolled her eyes and despite the fact the taller male pulled back, she kept a tight grip on his tank. Favourite things were made to be ruined, "The word I'm looking for is gross and you're just desperate to get some action huh? Begging to be rid of the thing." Another sharp tug on the fabric and her grip loosened before she let go completely. He wasn't taking her seriously, she could tell that much and honestly it was starting to annoy her, "I'm not five you jerkoff and no, not gonna happen, you want my mom, you go through me."
There was no way she was letting him get into that flower shop.

Mercer laughed. Not just a quick chuckle he was clutching his sides because he clearly found Eris' speech to be rather funny. After a good minute or two of straight laughter, the man lifted an arm to wipe tears that were brimming near the corners of his eyes. He paused, flashed an annoyingly cocky smirk and without breaking eye contact, lifted his arm slowly, placing his middle and ring fingers against his thumb, as if ready to snap his fingers. "How quickly do you think your family would burn? All of those flamable plants? They'd be trapped wouldn't they?" Mercer guessed with a dark tone. "One use of fire blast, and your whole shop is gonna look like a charizard's ass. So do you really want to go down this road? Or do you wanna go upstairs, go to bed, and let me speak with mommy-dearest?"

A hammer would have been useful, the sound of his laugh was grating and quite honestly a blow to the head would have easily shut him up. She waited though, waited for him to finish laughing like an idiot. The words that followed though made her fists clench and her eyes narrow, gaze practically venomous. No, no this wasn't the time to be rash. Slowly she untensed, stepping closer to him once more with a small, far from innocent smile. Hands raising to rest on his arm she pushed up onto her tiptoes, "They won't burn at all," Eris was still smiling, "Because like I said, you want mom, you gotta take me first..!"
Her voice raised in volume considerably as the last few words came out, bolstered by Echoed voice.

Was he cursing? He couldn't tell. The force from her attack sent him rolling into the street clasping his ears desperate to be able to hear again. He stood slowly, ears ringing, with very little sound making it past his eardrums, which he was sure were ruptured. "So this is what that deaf lady hears!" He yelled, well... probably, he couldn't really hear, but that's probably what he tried to say.  "C'mon, bitch, that all you got?" He shook his arms, relaxing his muscles and opened up his palms towards her, as if waiting to receive something. "Maybe I over estimated you. You're weak. I think I'll just stroll right in." Practically ignoring Eris, he walked past her towards the door of the flower shop.

Eris couldn't help the smug smile that stretched across her lips, hands moving to rest against her hips as she watched the taller male fall into the street. Oh now that had felt a lot better than she thought it would have. When the shouting started she just ignored it, shaking her head as she tried her best not to laugh at him even more.
The gesture and the words that followed, when he finally recovered, were enough to make her twitch. She let him walk by her just enough before throwing her weight against him, trying to tackle him to the floor.

Mercer continued by, keeping an eye on Eris through his peripheral vision. When he saw her lunge, the Kecleon side-stepped and attempted to grab her and slam the fairy type into the outer wall of the shop. Mercer had to admit, the girl threw around some decent strength for her size. He got the feeling that she was not someone to mess with, but he enjoyed messing with her far too much. And getting her angry while thinking he was underestimating her abilities? Priceless.

Eris' eyes widened when she was grabbed, she hadn't expected him to actually do anything. She felt the air being knocked out of her when her back slammed into the wall of the shop, eyes narrowing at him again as she gasped for air. Was he finally going to take her serious? Arceus above she hoped so, because as much as she wanted to defend her mother, she also wanted a decent fight, she missed that adrenaline rush, "Heh, that all you got, my little brother can pin me better." Hands raised to grip onto his wrist as the same smile from before spread across her lips, "Come ooon Mercerr."

"Don't test me." He spat as a crooked grin spread across his face. His eyes narrowed as he attempted to figure out the tone in her voice. He was never good at reading people, only just screwing people over. "Like I mentioned earlier. You're weak, inexperienced. I grew up in the wild, I always had to watch my back. Look how easy it was to catch you off guard. I'll give you the option to stop now before you really get hurt." Mercer was clearly trying to sound nice, of course its not like he'd stop and go on his merry way. He was set on getting to Fern, and because the man was annoyingly stubborn, he would do it.

Oh now that was interesting, was he trying to figure something out, "Testing you? We at school now?" She snickered to herself, tipping her head back with a hum, "Some of us aren't luck enough to be raised in the wild, but being bred to fight does have it's advantages." Keep him talking, she needed enough time, "Stop? Why would I want to stop, I only want to have some fun." A pout this time, though it didn't last long and was soon twisting into a smirk. With Mercer keeping her pinned and her grip on his arm keeping her balanced, she raised her legs enough to aim a blow to his stomach.

 Mercer caught the kick right at the base of his diaphragm. He coughed and wheezed holding onto Eris' ankle with a tight fist. He managed to catch his breath and tried to yank her leg up to force her off her feet and onto the ground. He was much heavier than she could lift (he assumed) so if he could pin her on the ground, gravity would be on his side, there he could simply have at it. She'd have a hard time defending herself, of couse, he wasn't sure what all of her moves were, but then again, she didn't know his either.

Oh, fuck. The wall was too far for her to lean back on and it wouldn't be much longer before she'd be on her back, that wasn't an option, "You could at least take me out for drinks before you get me like this." Maybe, just maybe.. She let herself drop back, hands trying to brace against the ground so she could swing her other leg around to try and clip him. It wasn't the best strategy, the way he held her didn't give her much room to do anything.
She wasn't about to just give up though, she needed to wreck him.

Mercer caught Eris' swinging foot... with his jaw. The kick sent him stumbling backwards, wrenching the fairy type's leg as he fell. The man growled after reciving scrapes to his palms and elbows and shook off his daze glaring at the girl. "Fine." He spat, "I gave you a chance to give up. Say your prayers to whatever god you believe in." With a snap of his fingers, the Kecleon produced a stream of fire from his hand. The attack began to close the distance between them, illuminating the dark and empty streets around them.

Eris' body jerked, pain shooting up her leg, "Fffricker." She muted any sounds of pain as best she could, lifting her hed to watch the taller male drop to the ground, a smirk tugging the corner of her lips up, "Have a nice trip, see you next fall, asshole."
 Uh oh. That wasn't good, fire was never good. Scrambling up off of the floor Eris attempted to skitter to the side, though her leg wasn't helping too much, "Should I start calling you fire crotch now too?" She backed up as he moved towards her, too far to drain, moon blast would have to do. Casting a quick glance up, light formed in her hands.

"Tough talk for someone who's about to look like a skid mark." His lips streched, alsmot uncomfortably wide on his twisted face. A fire flashed in his eyes, he missed the thrill of a fight, and was so ready to hear some screams. His hands flicked and his body suddenly took on a more etheral type of appearnace. The shadows under his feet darkened and snaked across the street, long dark claws forming at the ends. The darkness lurched towards his opponent, though Mercer just now noticed the light forming in her hands. Nothing he couldn't handle.

"Tough talk from someone who's having trouble fighting a little girl." Yeah, that smile sent a chill down her spine, she grimaced before shaking her head. It was a fight, a good fight, that's all she needed to focus on, "..What are- Shit." All she needed to do was take the strike and then she could get a hit on him. Bracing herself, she ran to meet the oncoming attack, faltering and biting her lip hard when claws sliced through her skin. It'd hurt more than she'd expected, but despite that she managed to fire off the moonblast, hand moving to grip onto where the claws had hit.

Okay that hurt. The pink light was odd. Calming, yet somehow painful. The blast hit him, oh yeah, there was no doubt about that. His skin blistered and he was knocked across the street, bouncing a few times on the concrete before he came to a stop. He groaned, sore, cut, scraped, and tired. He stood slowly, and looked at Eris before winking. And like that, his wounds began to close and his energy was slowly being replenished. "Recover does wonders in battle." Mercer chuckled. He was rather pissed though. He should have stuck as a fire type, he would have resisted that move. He rolled his shoulders, and smiled, like a civilized person at Eris, "You picked a bad opponent, babe."

"Yeah..! Suck it!" Eris couldn't help the outburst, grinning for a moment only to drop down onto one knee after, pain shooting through her sides. She wouldn't be moving too fast, unless she could get a draining kiss off. It was stupid to do, but with how long Mercer hadn't moved she felt she could let her guard down enough to, tie her jacket around herself, hoping it'd slow the bleeding.
Her eyes widened though when he stood, "No fucking way, you cheating asshole!" She needed to get some energy back, fast, "Hah, we'll see." With that said and a few curses she moved to push herself up, trying to get over to him.

"Hey baby, there were no rules established. I can do whatever I want to win. You might have been raised for battle, but a pokemon battle with trainers, is a LOT different than a fight in the wild." Mercer strolled towards Eris, clearly finding amusement how much energy he had over her. As the kecleon neared her, he attempted to take advantage of her slugish pace, and swung his foot at her ankles, hoping to ground her. She was weak, faultering. It was time to have fun with his prey.

"A battle.. is a battle, doesn't matter if you're trainer born or wild born, you're not the only one that can fight dirty." He needed to be a little closer, then she could at least try. When he swung at her she'd started to move, there was little she could do to stop it. Instead she reached out as she fell, grabbing onto his vest like she'd done before, ".. If I'm dropping you're coming with me." If he didn't drop, her grip would hopefully be enough to keep her from falling.
Eris wasn't about to let him have the satisfaction of seeing her on the ground.

Mercer was caught off guard when she grabbed into his shirt. He had completely expected her to go down without a fight. Her downward momentum brought him down ontop of her, but he managed to catch himself, propping his arms on either side of Eris' body. "Huh, thought I'd never see you in this position." He laughed, sitting up he propped himself up with one arm, and lifted the other above his head, preparing a strike. "Any last words, bitch?"

Hitting the ground added to the hurt already radiating through her, she was done, she knew that much, at this point draining him would hardly heal anything. She stared up at him when he propped himself up, making a face when he spoke, "Never thought I'd have.. ffuck, I'd have to see your ugly face up close." She managed a smirk, then leaned up as best as she could, "Game over, /babe/" Light shone in her hand once more, much weaker than the last time. Fuck trying to heal, she was done, the least she could do was get one last hit on his stupid face.

Normal. That was the type he was since he had used recover as his last move. Of course, normal typing did nothing to reduce the damage he took from the moon blast. He was sent a good three feet into the air. Of course, that hurt even more once he landed on his head. He came too after a few uncomfortable seconds. He was dizzy, dazed, and in pain. He used recover once more, healing the wound and the pain, but did nothing to reduce his disorientation. He stood slightly, only to fall back down again. "Fuuck." He groaned as he tried to focus. He could see her on the ground still. With a flick of his wrist he activated his ancient power, sending jagged columns of rock up. He was attempting to hit Eris, but his confusion kept his accuracy way down.

Oh, oh thank arceus. Eris pushed herself up onto her elbows, the familiar glow of recover coming from the other male. Lucky for her it obviously hadn't done anything to help that knock to his head. Pain was blurring her own focus and movement, it was a struggle to get back to her feet, hell even onto her knees, "Told.. you, game over." She spat.
The rumble reached her before the rocks did, giving her the chance to barely move out of the way, one of the columns striking her leg. With no energy to try and hide it she let out a pained noise. While she still had the chance she moved herself towards one of the darkened alley ways, escape was more important.

"Fucking coward!" Mercer panted trying to focus on the pink figure that seemed to be growing farther and farther away. He used recover again, hoping it would have some effect on his foggy head. He stood, slowly, legs shaking, he blinked a few times grinning as he realized his vision was returning.
The kecleon inhaled deeply through his nose in frustration, realizing the girl was out of sight. He stopped abruptly though, and began to sniff. "Being a Spritzee is a shame. How lovely your perfume is!" He called down the deserted street. As expected no answer. "How much blood have you lost? Shadow claw cuts deep, don't it? Were you careful enough not to leave behind a trail?" He called out again. His vision was slowly returning, but currently he would have to rely on smell, which frankly wasn't very good since he was a lizard. "I'm gonna fucking find you. You count on that!"

His voice echoed through the street and to the alley she'd settled herself in, it was hard not to respond to him really, she wanted to insult him, anything to knock him down a notch. Eris cast a glance down to the jacket, even in the dark she could see how badly it'd stained with her own blood and Arceus was she hoping that it hadn't left a trail like he'd shouted about.
Her hands moved to tug her phone from her pocket, blurred vision and bloodied fingers made it hard to make contact, but she managed it, phone slipping from her hand after.
"Lucky me, I can change.. what I smell like," she muttered to herself, eyes closing, "Good luck, asshole."


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